Mixology Monday: Brown Bitter and Stirred

As a longtime fan and one time participator (click here for embarrassing videos) in Mixology Monday, I couldn’t resist the urge to host when Paul had an open spot. Being the creative powerhouse I am, I offered up a theme. Yes, the same theme that dominates this blog and the first four words that come out of my mouth at any bar: brown, bitter and stirred. Basically, I’m asking you to participate in the Internet’s longest cocktail party by making me a drink. Selfish, I know.

You’ve made it to paragraph two. Congratulations! Your reward? A fabulous description of MxMo from our fearless leader and MxMo creator, Paul Clarke (pulled from his first post about this monthly cocktail party):

…the goal for Mixology Monday is simple: Bloggers and other participants focus on a predetermined theme for each scheduled event, then blog about that theme by a certain date (being sure to notify the event host of their relevant post). Following that date, the host compiles a link-rich roundup of the event, and posts it on his or her blog. Couldn’t be easier.

Couldn’t be easier, indeed. So, want to participate this time around? You have two options. After you post a recipe (add a photo and video for extra points!) on your blog, vlog, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, etc., do the following:

1.) Shoot me an email with the link to mxmo@lushlifeny.com.


2.) Tweet the link (or just the recipe) with the #mxmoBBS.

We’ll be looking out for both and will post all entries by September 1st. So, get stirring!

08/23/10 at 5:43pm
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